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Bringing a taste of Naples to you

Flamed Pizzas Ltd specialises in mobile catering for all types of events including private & corporate, offering a unique culinary experience with our artisan wood-fired pizzas.

Our state-of-the-art van is meticulously designed to meet the highest standards, ensuring speed and efficiency for any size events. Proudly catering for industry giants like Amazon, Netflix, and TV productions, we guarantee a seamless service.

Our commitment to authenticity shines through in our use of premium Italian ingredients, including pizza flour and San Marzano tomatoes.

Elevate your event with Flamed Pizzas Ltd – where exceptional taste meets professional excellence.

Mobile Catering

Why Choose Us?

Our van has been carefully designed to meet the highest standards possible. Kitted out with a complete modern commercial kitchen and prep area. We have a generator and water facilities on board. The van is fully self contained and can operate at all types of events in most locations. We accept most card payments and have a self serve kiosk.

Our topping pots are refrigerated ensuring all our ingredients stay fresh as possible and retain quality. The wood fired oven is made from stainless steal which was imported directly from Napoli, Italy. We only use premium 100% beach briquettes, which creates a rich and smoky aroma, just as the traditional Neapolitan pizzas should have.

Our extremely friendly staff are willing to help and make sure your event runs as smoothly as possible.

Theme Your Event

Why not add our themed package. We can tailor any event to suit your requirements. We have digital screens installed, LED lighting and a Bluetooth speaker system. You may send pictures, logos and messages to display through the duration of your event.

This is a superb addition to your event weather its a wedding, house party or corporate event.

Our Dough

Is fat-free and sugar-free. It only contains premium flour, water, salt and yeast. We leave our dough to rest for at least 48 hours prior to cooking. This gives it enough time to become light, tender and develop aromatic flavours. The dough is then prepared for cooking, lightly tossed in a fine blend of semolina, hand stretched to perfection, topped and then cooked at 420 degrees. Our leopard crust is served with love! Delizioso!

Food Safety & Hygiene

We understand the importance of hygiene and our commitment to this, shines as one of our core values! Our priority is to offer our customers the safest, best-in-class and we pride ourselves on cleanliness.

Want to Hire us?

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